We have a wide range of fabrics and colours to make sure our products are a perfect fit for your bedroom.

We understand that pictures don’t always provide the most accurate colour due to lighting etc.

Therefore we are more than happy to provide free fabric samples for you prior to your order.

All you need to do is fill out the below form, making sure in the notes section you have noted the fabrics and colours that you want us to send out to you.

Swatch NameOrder
Swatch Chenille - Black
Swatch Chenille - Charcoal
Swatch Chenille - Chocolate
Swatch Chenille - Cream
Swatch Chenille - Mink
Swatch Chenille - Purple
Swatch Chenille - Steel
Swatch Crush Velvet - Baby Pink
Swatch Crush Velvet - Black
Swatch Crush Velvet - Champagne
Swatch Crush Velvet - Grey
Swatch Crush Velvet - Silver
Swatch Crush Velvet - Truffle
Swatch Crush Velvet - White
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Black
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Blue
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Grey
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Mink
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Mustard
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Pink
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Silver
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - Steel
Swatch Soft (Plush) Velvet - White